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  Samabeta Upasana - Preface
BABAMANI Sri Sri Swarupananda Paramhansa Deva
Raj Yoga

Raj Yoga Meditation


Om Shanti


OM SHANTI - These two words represent the essence of the teachings of Raja Yoga. "Om" means "I am a soul" and "Shanti" means "Peaceful". Hence "I am a peaceful soul". Yet how long can I maintain being a peaceful soul? If I look back over the last 24 hours, is this what I have been?.

Probably the situation has been a very difficult one. In my search for peaceful satisfaction in life, I have been trapped by peacelessness, which has influenced me so much that I have moved so far away from my natural consciousness of peace.

Through the teachings of Raja Yoga, the soul is able to achieve its natural state of peace very easily. The name of Raja Yoga, the soul is able to achieve its natural state of peace very easily. The name of Raja Yoga has been used for a long time, many centuries in fact, although these teachings have only recently emerged, and are quite revolutionary. They explain very simply the most fundamental information of all that of who I am and what I am.

RAJA YOGA - can be defined in a number of ways. The word "Yoga" simply means "Union", and the word "Raja" means "Supreme", "King" or "Master". Raja Yoga is the king of all yogas because through it I can become sovereign. But, of what? Not over others, because that would be artificial. The power that I gain, that I now seek, is the power of control over my own mind, because it is my mind that has been creating sorrow and distress.

MY AIM - is to become the master of my own mind, even to master my own personality, and of course to be the master of the physical costume - my body.

The first subject of Raja Yoga is also the one that leads us to the last - that of not merely who I am, the soul, but of soul consciousness. The final stage of achievements through Raja Yoga, in which souls are free of all negative influences and have reached a state of perfection, is based entirely on this first lesson of soul consciousness.


The Physical and the Non Physical
Is there more to me than I see in the mirror? To see how there is more to me than an assembly of physical organs, we have first to define the Living and the Non-Living, not merely in the biological senses, but in a deeper, spiritual context.

THE LIVING - is that which has AWARENESSS of its own EXISTENCE and also that which is able to create its own thoughts. These thoughts form the basis of feelings and emotions and only 'I the living' am capable of these.

The living is also that which has the ability to JUDGE: Right from Wrong, Truth from False Hood, Reality from Illusion. I the living also have unique personality, which is totally incomparable to that of any other being. Individual uniqueness exists because every living being is carrying the full record of all its past experiences, which determines the personality. We observe that of another.

The living is also that MEMORY. On the basis of this unique quality, a person can establish a relationship. As I remember meeting others, the relationship grows.

The Living is also that which DESIRES. These may be limited materials ones, which tend to lead one soul into mental degeneration, or desires of the highest, altruistic, spiritual kind, that led the soul back to its original state of excellence. These desires form the motivation of all actions.

THE NON-LIVING - if I relate the qualities of the Living to those of the Non-Living, I can see the vast differences between 'I the Living Being', and all material objects around me. Similarly, let me apply these criteria of the living to my own physical body

Thinking of the body as a separate instrument, is there any part of it, which is experiencing, judging, or deciding? I can see that none of the physical organs, such as my hands or feet, eyes or ears, or even my head, have these faculties. There is something apart from these organs that does these things.

Let us take an example: -

Whatever action I perform, although I will use various instruments, I am totally separate from them. For instance if I use a knife with my hands to chop some tomatoes, throughout the operation the knife makes no decision.

If I lose concentration, and cut my fingers with the knife, neither my fingers nor the knife became emotionally disturbed - they were purely instruments.

It is easy for me to see the knife as an instrument. But I'm so attached to these hands, that It is very difficult to dissociate myself from them, and realize that they too are only instruments, and really nothing more than this.

I have had this pair of hands for as long as I have had this body, and I knowthey are the only one pair I will get. So not only personal attachment to my hands, but to the whole of my physical body, is something so deep, so intense, that I have totally forgotten my real identity.

THE MISTAKE - Ever since the moment when I came into the physical body, I have been labeled and put into compartments according to my physical classifications. It has been instilled into my conscious that 'you are a boy' or 'you are a girl', so that I grew up absolutely committed to this idea. And in fact if someone were to question this today, to question the identity of being a man or a woman, a person would probably consider it a great insult. But is that what I am? An I be accurately labeled 'young' or 'old', 'man' or 'woman', 'fair' or 'dark'? Is there a real indication of who I am simply through this?

Yet this is the mistake we have been making not only have others made this mistake about me, putting me into a bodily compartment, but I have also been guilty of this same error. Not only I have put others into compartments, but I have done this to myself. I have totally identified myself with the body, and I have cut out all other possibilities my consciousness has become quite restricted by the color, the age, the nationality, the religion, the culture, into which the BODY has been born.

The Rediscovery of "I"
I am the living, I am not physical. I know I am not because I can experience things beyond physical limitations. My body cannot go back to childhood, but I can. Within a second, my mind can race back to days of my youth. It can even race forward to the days of my probable old age. Past or future, both are equally easy for me to travel in. I travel through the three aspects of time without any hesitation at all. I am able to travel across an distance in a split-second, as my thoughts carry me across to
America, to Australia, to India. Where there is a pull of, my thoughts will take me there. And all this while my body has been seated in one specific place. So my body is physical, I am not physical, I am metaphysical, unhindered by the physical limitations of time or distance.

Just as I grew up with natural instincts such as eating, breathing etc. related to survival in a physical body, I also grew up with my own personality which, has been mentioned, is absolutely exclusive to me. My own subtle characteristics are quite different even those of my physical parents, and so I must have gained this in an existence even before this one.

Also, I am definitely invisible. A mirror will show me only my bodily features: the shape of my face, the color of my eyes. But all these exterior things tell me very little about my real self. I, the being within this physical frame, am invisible. Now I can see all these things: that I am metaphysical, eternal, invisible.

FORM - what am I? When I dissociate myself from my physical costume, and search for my true identity, there is a strange detachment from the body, but also uncertainty, because I don't as yet fully now who I really am, and I'm leaving behind territory which was familiar. So let me go one step further, and think of myself in a non-physical form: a tiny point of light, a minute dot of invisible luminous energy. Can this really be true? Such a strange thought to have… for so long I have thought of myself as a female, Or male, and now I am thinking of myself as a tiny dot, as light.

Let me examine this further….

As you think deeply about this, you will become aware of yourself as a subtle energy, minute, yet full of power, so small it cannot be broken down any further. EXPERIENCE - Let me experience with this….

Yes, it is a dot that is eternal, unique, unhindered by time and space. A point that has no geometrical dimensions. The dot - invisible. Just with this concept of my deepest identity, and experience myself a point of light, located directly at the center of my forehead. I have this incredible sensation of this lightness, of freedom, of peace, of subtle power, because I am now aware that all this is within the point.

POSITION - where am I located?

I the soul am located in the center of the forehead near the organs of the control for the body, and near the organs of communication with the physical world, since it is from here that I can exercise total control.

PERFORMANCE - the brain is an instrument operating by means of electrical impulses. I, the soul, make a decision and the decision reaches the brain instantly. It is translated into activity via the entire body system. Stimuli come in through my senses, and reach the brain. From the brain, impulses reach "the soul". Thus from outside, I am stimulated into further thought, and possibly further action. The intellect makes this decision. I the soul am the controller, and the brain is the control room through which I operate.

THE THIRD-EYE - this is also where the third eye of wisdom has been shown, Which was once thought to have existed physically. However it is nothing physical, because wisdom is not related to any particular part of the body. It is the soul that seeks wisdom, and the soul that retains wisdom. So when we speak, in spiritual terms, of the 'opening of the third eye', we are referring to the awakening consciousness, a new awareness, or a soul consciousness.

People only stumble around at night when they cannot see. The eyes deceive the mind, and the intellect can only make a wrong decision when its knowledge is incomplete. Knowledge is like daylight, it opens the third eye, and the dark immediately becomes light. With my third eye open, I can see what I should be doing. Up to now, I have been using these two physical eyes, which can only see physical dimensions, and nothing further. With my third eye I can see beyond the physical, and, being able to see, I can now become the complete master of myself.

Driver and Vehicle
It will sound obvious to say "only when a driver is fully conscious, can he use his vehicle accurately to take him to his destination". But if we now look at ourselves using this analogy, we can see clearly just what an enormous difference there is between being 'in control' and being asleep at the wheel.

The driver of a car can go anywhere, as long as he remembers what is he doing. If he is travelling along the road and suddenly looses concentration, allowing the mind to drift off even for a moment, he will plunge straight off the road. Accidents happen when people forget what they are doing. In exactly the same way, if someone looses their self-control, even for a moment, there is an accident (an outburst of great anger for instance) which causes sorrows for the self and sorrows for anyone else involved. Even onlookers who simply saw the accident are very upset by the damage done to the occupants of the vehicle. So, awareness of and harmony between both the soul (the driver) and the body (its vehicle) is essential. Just as the driver must be aware of his vehicle and in harmony with it, the soul must be in total control of its body. And yet I have gone to sleep, I have not been aware, and so there have been many, many accidents. I have caused myself, and those around me, so much grief. But now with awareness, the driver wakes up, assumes control once more and begins to use his vehicle in the correct way. UNDER CONTROL - in the conscious of "I, the soul", I can now see the benefits of using my senses to pick out the good from the bad, the useful from the useless, and translate it all into positive actions, which helps others and elevate my own conscious as well. Being aware of myself, I became the master of my physical senses. It is so strange to realize that I have been using so little control over my senses, that my eyes and ears are pulling my mind in different directions for years, making me literate into a slave of there every whim. It really is the situation of the cart before the horse, putting the body before the soul. Knowledge is power, and wit this knowledge, I can re-establish my true state of sovereignty over the physical body.

How the Soul Works
Having seen, and experienced, the effect of forgetting who I am, let us examine what is happening inside the pin-point of light, this spark of conscious, that is the soul. Each soul has three separate faculties. As they are described, you will be able to see not only how so many accidents have come about through lack off understanding but also the method of gaining control once more. Although we can give each faculty a different name, it is actually the same energy functioning on three different levels - these are: the mind, the intelligence, and the impressions.

THE MIND - through the mind, one IMAGINES, THINKS, and FORMS IDEAS. Our thoughts are created in the mind. The thought process is the basis of all EMOTIONS, DESIRES and SENSATIONS. It is through this faculty that, in an instant, thoughts can reach anywhere, or relive a past experience and produce happiness or sadness. The mind is a subtle organ, which should not be confused with the heart, which is merely a physical organ that maintains blood circulation. Through Raja Yoga … The Mind Is Controlled THE INTELLECT - the intellect is then used to ASSESS thoughts. This is the Faculty that understands. Our capacity to understand is perhaps the single most crucial ability of all. With the deepening and broadening of the intellect, clear understanding of anything is possible. …the Intellect is developed and elevated In addition to understanding, the intellect REASONS, MEMORIES, DISCRIMINATES and TAKES DECISION. As with all faculties of the soul, it is subtle and spiritual, not physical, so it should not be confused with the brain. The brain is merely the physical focus of the nervous system and acts as the control of the soul. Through this physical control panel, "I, the soul" am able to regulate the functions of the different organs of my body. "I, the soul" am able to alter the pulse and respiration of my body, simply by reacting to an external situation, which I decide makes me overjoyed or very upset. So my intellect is not part of physical brain, but the subtle faculty of judgement and understanding of "I, the soul"

THE IMPRESSION - any action that has been performed leaves an impression on the soul. We will refer to impressions as: "SANSKARAS", which is the precise Hindi word used. HABITS, TENDENCIES, EMOTIONAL TENDENCIES, TEMPERAMENTS, PERSONALITY TRAITS are all SANSKARAS imprinted on the soul through each action it has performed. All the thoughts that occur in my mind are the direct results of my SANSKARAS. So my most fundamental features as a soul, my personality, is determined by these SANSKARAS. Each action I do either creates a SANSKARA (this is how a habit begins), or re-enforces an old one if the action is a repetition. This enables us to understand that the SANSKARAS contain the COMPLETE RECORD of all my mental and physical actions i.e. all my experiences up to this moment. Any thought that arises in my head will be due to the influence of one more than one SANSKARAS. This makes it clear that I, and I alone, am alone responsible for my own thoughts, although we tend to deny this responsibility and blame external situations instead. If an action is repeated often, it becomes a deep SANSKAR. Rather in the same way that the more one digs a hole the deeper it gets and the more difficult it will be to erase all trace of it. Old habits die hard for this. ….and, with Raja Yoga , the SANSKARAS are purified and become sovereign.

THE EFFECT OF SANSKARAS ON THE MIND AND INTELLECT - Imagine yourself as the detached observer of a car accident. A number of people will arrive on the scene, but although it is the same sight for each person, their different SANKARAS will produce quite different reactions to the chaos. For example, one person is examining the injured and I can see that he is a doctor. One is calmly questioning the onlookers and I can see that he is a policeman. Someone else is unhurriedly looking at the damaged vehicles, while another person is completely overwhelmed with emotions. The unhurried one is a mechanic and I can see that the other probably has a relationship with one of the injured. The stimulus is the same, but their reaction are totally different. Different SANSKARAS lead to different reactions. Equally, I know from past experiences that my own state of mind control my thoughts. For instance, one day many things go wrong, and yet a great deal of inner strength enables me to remain calm and peaceful. On the other day I may lack the stability and the slightest word out of place can annoy me. It wasn't the fault of the person who spoke, but my own state of being that created the reaction.

Where We Find Ourselves Today
Gradually, as impure SANSKARAS were formed and were allowed to reinforce themselves through repetitions, this instinctive voice gave way to the powerful influence of my physical senses.

The strong pull of these senses spurred my emotions to such a state that I overruled the decisions of my own intellect.

Consequently, when a similar situation now occurs, the weakened conscience has even less influence, and in due course it stops speaking altogether. As the conscience was ignored, ignorance inevitably followed.

And so we find ourselves often uncertain of separating right from wrong. We may even deny the very existence of right and wrong. The distinction between selfish and unselfish action has become clouded in the intellect, so that a state of a morality prevails.

As action become progressively degraded, the search of happiness and fulfillment was only possible on a similarly degraded level. Without the knowledge of "I, the soul", body - consciousness became deeply ingrained as SANSKARAS and the soul has been forced to look for happiness on a material level. Unable to find contentment from within the self, the soul has turned all its attention to pleasure derived from material sources and found himself in a void of inadequate, transitory experiences. In such a vulnerable position, the soul mentally grasps at any source of comfort. The level of motivation inevitably degrades into sense-gratification, which traps the soul into seeking greater pleasure to offset greater dissatisfaction.

This internal conflict has become a familiar scene throughout the world. The more we have turned our attention away from our true selves, the more we have become entangled in sorrow and frustration. The mind has become a slave to the senses, so that I am presently unable to comfort it.


The First Step In Soul Consciousness
The situation described in the previous section is definitely an unpleasant one, although very real for most people. But it need not be like this at all. The first step is to awaken the intellect, my power of judgement, which is very simple:-

A WILD HORSE - With awareness of "I" as a soul, I am now awake to my real position in the world. In this conscious state I realize that it is me that is responsible for controlling my thoughts and disciplining my mind. The mind has been compared to a wild horse, one with such tremendous energy that it races round and round constantly, never stopping. Day and night it races on, even in my dreams it is racing, and so little wonder that it has become tired. But even then it doesn't know how to calm it self. I can rest my body by sitting down, but my mind refuses to slow down. It only knows how to go on, not even aware of which direction it should take.

REALIZING - The moment my intellect realizes I am non-physically, not a body but a focus of powerful energy within a body, I am able to lose this power. With this awareness I have in my hands the reins with which to tame these wild horses, my thoughts. Once I am conscious of the waves I can direct their flow in this way there is none of the wastage that has made me so tired.

CHOOSING - I now become very selective. In this position of authority over my own desires, I am able to choose only those thoughts that will lead me to experience permanent happiness and contentment, instead of something that is transitory. In allowing only pure thoughts to pass into action, my impure SANSKARAS, that have caused so much upset, gradually weaken, giving way to pure ones. I even reach a state in which my very thoughts are peaceful and deliberate, instead of tense and anxious.

EFFECT - At first there is some necessity for a deliberate control of the mind, but it leads to a situation where there is complete transformation. So it isn't merely an external force of discipline, but my very nature, my SANSKARAS, are being elevated. There comes a time when there are only pure elevated thought bring me happiness and enable me to give happiness.

With my intellect awake, and each thought being evaluated before mistakes can occur, I able to achieve actual changes in my life, when before it was impossible.

DEVELOPING A SANSKARA(Personality) - But I have been body- conscious for so long, that the awareness "I the point consciousness, so I must develop the SANSKARA of teaching myself. Everyone around me still see me as a body, and tell me I am body, but I must tell myself that I am a peaceful soul, invisible, eternal, and I am simply using my body as instrument. For as long as I can maintain this attitude, I will have complete freedom, and all my actions done in this frame of mind will inevitably be accurate and positive.

As I see others I will begin to see them as souls too, as my brothers, and I will be able to establish a relationship of pure love and harmony, without any personality clashes of any description interfering at all. All this is only possible when I am seeing others not as male or female bodies, but as souls, non-physical like myself.


Meditation - Tuning of the Intellect
Let a little time be spent, now, in total silence, focussing the thoughts on the centre of the forehead, on the pinpoint of subtle light that is the real self and, in this state, being able to feel energy glowing and sparkling in that location. When next coming to a period of activity, it should then be possible to reach that consciousness within a few seconds and maintain it.

If possible, let the room be softly lit. Sit still for a few minutes in a comfortable, easy position there is no need for strain. A number of thoughts are suggested for the mind and there is then the experience of soul-consciousness.

Suggested Thoughts For Meditation

Turn your thoughts, your mind, to the self, the real I, the soul, a point of light…I, the soul, am a point of light…a tiny point of energy…I sit in the centre of my forehead…This is the real I…the real me…my physical body is but a costume…which I, the living energy, use…it exists on me to express my being…through which to express my personality…Now I realize my true identity…I have unlocked my prison door…I am now free…like a bird, can fly once again…I now emerge true nature, that of peace…I experience that peace…I become that peace…I am that peace…I experience my true nature…that of light…I become that light…I am that light…I experience my true nature - that of love…I become that love…I am that love…Now power is being filled in the soul…lightness and ease become my nature…now no longer the slave but the master of this body…I spread light and peace and purity into the world.

What is soul?
What differences are there between body and soul?
What are the mind, intellect and SANSKARAS?

Supreme (GOD)

I am a peaceful soul, a tiny spark of light, a non-physical being. In this consciousness I am able to see others as souls too. When we go beyond the limitations of physical identity in this way, we forget the appearance, occupation, bodily relationship of others and see them as our brothers. All souls are brothers, points of energy, in different physical costumes, and playing different roles in this world drama on this world stage. However, many questions still arise. If we are all brothers, and the world is like one large family, is there a father or mother for all these souls ? Similarly, if we see ourselves as actors, playing different roles in different costumes, is there a director of this huge drama ? Is it possible that thee is a Supreme Being, a source of power, energy and knowledge who would fulfill the role of Father or Director?

A Supreme Being?. If So, Who ?
It has been mentioned that the meaning of "Yoga" is union, and the meaning of "Raja" is king, master or sovereign, but, in particular, it means supreme, so Raja Yoga is union with the Supreme, the Father, Director, the one who has been remembered as God.

However, when I start to search for the identity of the Supreme Being, it becomes extremely confusing. From every direction comes a different answer; different images are thrust upon me along with a multitude of conflicting scriptures. I even reach the stage when I wonder whether thee is a God, or whether it is all the creation of human minds. Surely, if there is a Supreme Being in existence it should be possible for me to have one complete introduction to Him, one complete set of facts.

Human experiment has been one thing, but the knowledge from the Supreme Being about His own form and identity is something very different. Let us consider various ideas that have been put forward, according to the teachings of Raja Yoga and perhaps you will experiment with those, and in so doing reach an experience of the Supreme. After all, the purpose of knowledge is to experience. Surely it is possible to experience a relationship through direct communication with my Supreme Father ?

The Form of the Supreme
Having recognised the soul to be a point of light, a pinpoint of energy, I can now see others as my brothers. Each soul is unique, an identity within self, each with a different record of experience, a unique intellect, and a mind which functions on a particular wavelength. However, every soul is the same size and form, a tiny point of light. It is certainly possible then, that the Father of all souls would have the same form. The Supreme Being is also a soul, a spark of light, the infinitessimal pinpoint which contains within itself a mind, intellect and sanskars, a personality.

It has often been felt that God is some form of energy, but that the Supreme Being is one with a personality, with whom I can have a relationship, may seem strange. What are sanskars, what is personality ? It is the recording of action. God has been remembered as the one who performed actions which were truly beneficial, so the Supreme Being has benefit in the sanskars. He has been remembered as the Ocean of Knowledge, and it is within the intellect that knowledge is retained. The intellect of the Supreme, being supreme is beyond limitations - with complete wisdom and awareness. The Supreme also has a mind, and God has been recognised as One who gives unlimited love, peace and mercy.

Infinite or infinitessimal - The idea of God being an infinitessimally small point of light seems very different from the generally held view that God is infinite, unlimited. The word "infinite" has usually been thought of as meaning immeasurably vast, huge in dimensions. However, this word has quite another aspect, which also means 'beyond geometrical dimensions', and this is 'that which is infinitessimal, that which is so minute that is cannot be measured'. It is definitely possible that the form of the Supreme is this rather than the huge, unlimited infinity.

We have heard that the qualities of God are unlimited, and have therefore assumed that the size of the Supreme Being is unlimited, but in fact size and depth of quality are not necessarily related. We do not judge the qualities of a human by the size of the body. The power of the soul has no connection with physical dimension. I can recognise the soul as a dot, and the Supreme Soul to be the same, and yet form this dot radiates qualities as unlimited as the Ocean; unlimited love, peace, purity, bliss, power - the list is also limitless.

From this spark of light, light emanates in an oval image, just as from a candle light emerges from a point source and assumes an oval image. It is interesting to see that throughout the world God has been remembered as a form of light, usually with oval image. Images in gold, silver, diamond and even ice have been made - forms that are visible to the eyes and can therefore be worshipped. But even one religion, Islam, which has no form of idol worship, has, in Mecca, an oval, black, crystal stone which is precisely the same image. (This is called the Sang-e-Aswad, the Holy Stone). A group of Buddhists in Japan focus their thoughts on an oval-shaped image known as the peace-giver when they sit in meditation. Zoroaster, the prophet of the Parsees, advocated the worship of fire as the remembrance of the Supreme, "the Great Light". Christ has spoken of God as light, Moses has visions of the burning bush and the form of light appearing, and Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh religion, has spoken of the One Incorporeal, the One without human form. Certainly this is the one form in which God has been remembered which appears throughout the world.

The Qualities of God
It is said that if you were to turn the earth into paper, the ocean to ink and the trees into quills, still it would not be possible to write down all the qualities of the Supreme and all the praise which could be attributed to Him. But in order to understand definite characteristics, we can concentrate on the specific qualities, love, purity, peace, bliss and power. As we turn our thoughts to the Supreme in mediation, the soul is flooded with the experience of these qualities and actually absorbs these qualities within itself, thus eventually achieving complete transformation.

We have thought of God as the Father of all souls, but if, within this spark of light, there are all qualifications, it is quite possible for the Supreme to be experienced as the Mother, as well as the Father. Although the word "He" is used, conveying the idea of the dominant role of the Father, there is the definite love and mercy of the Mother within that soul. And similarly, because the Supreme has all qualifications, I can experience Him in His numerous roles, in all relationships.

If there is to be union with the Supreme, it is only possible when there is the awareness of God as a pinpoint. It is not possible for the mind to concentrate on a huge expanse. When a complete image is seen, then the mind, the eyes and the brain will instantly build up a composite picture and a whole scene will come together. But there can only be total concentration on one tiny part of one object. And so the soul, seeking union with the Supreme, sees Him as a pinpoint, total concentration can then be achieved and union is experienced. A relationship is then built up.

The Name of the Supreme
In any close relationship, it is usual to know the name of the other person. There are as many names as there are tongues for the Supreme, and each one is accurate in that each one conveys a special meaning or quality. But the one name that carries a multitude of meanings, a whole world of significance, is the sanskrit name "Shiva". The word Shiva has three specific meanings : Shiva means the Benefactor, the point and it also means the seed.

From the word Shiva we can see the qualities of God, that is, the Benefactor, the beloved Father, we come to know His form, the point, and also God as the seed of the Tree. The knowledge of the whole "human tree" is contained within the Seed, and the Seed is the Creator of the Tree. In this name is contained the theoretical knowledge of the Supreme Soul, but in my own meditation another name is used, and that is "Baba". Baba means father or daddy and immediately conveys the idea of my close relationship with my beloved Father. And so this is God the Supreme, the Incorporeal, Shiva Baba.

Differences Between the Soul and the Supreme Soul
We have been looking at the similarities between the soul and the Supreme Soul, in form, size and in the function of the mind, intellect and sanskars. There are, however, some interesting differences.

All souls take a human body, a costume, in which to play their roles on the world stage, within the cycle of birth and death. But the Supreme Soul is the One free from this cycle of birth and death, the One who is constantly incorporeal.

Souls, taking on a human body, are governed by the laws of action and reaction (karma), and there is either liberation or bondage, depending on actions.

The Supreme is the One who is totally fulfilled, eternally complete, and forever constant, constant in name (whereas human names are merely labels for the body), constant in qualities. No human soul has this constancy, and this is why we turn to God when seeking the stability we ourselves lack.

Where Does He Stay ?
Just as it is important to know the name of someone with whom one is forming a relationship, it is also important to know where they are, where they live. To form a relationship with God, I must know precisely where He is so that I can turn my mind to Him.

The Three Worlds
This physical world on which we are now living is known as the CORPOREAL WORLD. Beyond this world of matter, of physical elements, there is the SUBTLE REGION of light, sometimes referred to as the astral plane.

Beyond the Subtle Region is the INCORPOREAL WORLD, a place of constant , unchangeable light, of complete stability, silence and peace. The land of Nirvana, which means the land beyond sound or the land of release or of liberation. This is my Home, the world form which all souls come, and the land where all souls ultimately go. It is also the Home of the Supreme Father, Shiva Baba.

The Raj Yogi can turn his mind away from the corporael world to that incorporeal world, where the Father resides, and where he can experience complete peace.

Is He Everywhere ?
It possibly seems strange to think of God as a minute point of light, of energy, with a fixed form, and indeed a fixed abode. It is a very widely and strongly held concept in both the East and West that the Supreme pervades the entire universe, in other words, is omnipresent. Let us examine some points in connection with this.

If the Supreme Soul did pervade the entire universe, surely, then, the qualities of the Supreme Soul would also pervade everything? In this case there would be no difference between the living and the non-living, and certainly each and every being would reflect the qualities of the Supreme. Such things as sin, impurity and peacelessness would not exist and only the qualities of God would be displayed - love, purity, knowledge, peace and bliss.

If am told that it is ignorance that has coloured the soul and which prevents the qualities of good emerging, then, if I am pervaded by the Supreme, it is questionable whether ignorance could have come in the first place. Am I not implying that ignorance has come to the Supreme?

If I am often suggested that the Supreme is an unlimited ocean and that we souls are drops form that ocean which will eventually merge back within it. But drops from the ocean and the ocean are made up of the same elements, and, again, only the qualities of the ocean would be found in the drops.

Let us consider the Supreme to be in one location, and from that location qualities emanate, so that wherever I am, I only have to tune my thoughts to that source and I am able to pick up those vibrations and experience a relationship. A radio transmitter has one specific location, form which transmissions spread throughout the world, and wherever thee is a receiver tuned to the specific wavelength, or frequency, it will be able to pick up the transmission. Here we find a reason why it has not been possible for us to experience the Supreme in our daily lives up to now.

If my mind has been tuned to the physical activity, the gross world and material objects around me, I have not been able to pick up the transmissions, even though God has been sending them. I have been on a different wavelength. If my thoughts come away from the physical, and I have move into a stage of soul-consciousness, it becomes very easy for me to pick up the vibrations, and through my thoughts, make contact and experience Shiva Baba, my Father.

Suggested Thoughts for Meditation

I become aware of myself as a soul … a point source of light in the centre of the forehead … my thoughts move beyond the body … beyond the bodily world … up to a region of immense light … there is total peace, perfect stillness … this is my Home …I find myself in the presence of Shiva Baba, Baba, a spark of light, radiating the Ocean of Light … I absorb light within myself … Baba, the Ocean of Peace … I feel the waves of peace … soothing … cooling … calming the soul … my natural state is that of peace …This is how I was before, this is how I will be forever …The Almighty Authority fills me with His power, the weak soul is transformed … I become the embodiment of strength and power … the embodiment of peace … of light … of might … of purity … of bliss …

What is the form of the Supreme and what is meant by the name Shiva?
Explain the difference between the soul and the Supreme Soul.
Give some reasons why God cannot be omnipresent.
What is meant by the Three Worlds?

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Comment posted by Bhakti( minikutigmail.com ), 09/03/2008 at 3:43am (UTC):
If we want to be fully happy, the way to achieve this is pure bhakti. To whatever extent we mix sense gratificatory desires into bhakti, to that extent we will experience anxiety. Therefore those who are fully intelligence desire pure bhakti and nothing else. The Vedic wisdom promotes pure bhakti. And all the great acharyas, the great spiritual masters who have guided the Vedic civilization for thousands of years, have all promoted pure bhakti. So it is very clear from many different angles of vision that pure bhakti is the way to go for getting out of the cycle of birth and death, for achieving the perfectional stage of perfect spiritual enlightenment.

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