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  Samabeta Upasana - Preface
BABAMANI Sri Sri Swarupananda Paramhansa Deva
Brahmacharya (Celibacy)
"Brahmacharya or immaculate virtue is the best all things considered; an abstinent of such flawless purity is certainly not an individual, however a divine being to be sure... To the chaste who preserves the semen with incredible endeavors, what is there unattainable in this world ? By the intensity of the self-control of the semen, one will turn out to be much the same as Myself." - Sri Sankaracharya 


Brahmacharya is an awesome word. It is the whole and substance of Yoga. Brahmacharya is the Achara or lead by which you achieve or achieve Brahman (God). It is life in the Absolute. It is development towards God or the Atman (Self). Brahmacharya is total opportunity from sexual considerations and wants. It is the pledge of chastity. It is control of the considerable number of faculties in thought, word and deed. Brahmacharya isn't simple bachelorhood. There ought to be severe restraint not only from sex but rather likewise from auto-sensual indications, from masturbation, from gay acts and from all unreasonable sexual practices. It should additionally include a perpetual abstention from guilty pleasure in sensual creative energy and enticing dream. In a tight sense, Brahmacharya is chastity. In a wide sense, it is outright control of the considerable number of faculties. The entryway of Nirvana (freedom) or flawlessness is finished Brahmacharya. Chastity is to a Yogi what power is to an electric knob. Without abstinence no otherworldly advancement is conceivable. It is a powerful weapon and shield to take up arms against the inward shrewd powers of desire, outrage and voracity. It fills in as a passage for the ecstasy past, and opens the entryway of freedom. It contributes perpetual satisfaction and continuous delight. It is the main key to open the Sushumna (the boss among astral cylinders in the human body running inside the spinal section) and stir the Kundalini (the primordial inestimable vitality situated in the person). There can't be any language without words. You can't draw an image without a canvas or a divider. You can't compose anything without paper. All things considered, you can't have wellbeing and profound existence without chastity. A built up chaste won't feel any distinction in contacting the contrary sex, a bit of paper, a square of wood, or a bit of stone. A genuine chaste just can develop Bhakti (commitment). A genuine abstinent just can rehearse Yoga. A genuine abstinent just can get jnana (astuteness). Brahmacharya is implied both for people. Bhishma, Hanuman, Lakshmana, Jesus, Mirabai, Sulabha and Gargi were all celibates. 


One of the understudies of Dhanvantari moved toward his educator subsequent to completing his full course of Ayurveda (the old Indian art of medication) and asked: "O Bhagavan, compassionately told me the mystery of wellbeing now." Dhanvantari answered: "This original vitality is verily the Atman. The mystery of wellbeing lies in conservation of this imperative power. He who squanders this fundamental and valuable vitality can't have physical, mental, good and otherworldly improvement." Veerya (original vitality) is God in movement. Veerya is dynamic will. Veerya is soul-constrain. Veerya is the embodiment of life, thought, knowledge and cognizance. Continuously recollect this. The fundamental vitality, Veerya which bolsters your life, which is the Prana (life-constrain) of Pranas, which sparkles in your shimmering eyes, which pillars in your sparkling cheeks, is an extraordinary fortune to you. It is the core of blood. From sustenance, chyle is made; out of chyle comes blood; out of blood comes tissue; out of substance comes fat; out of fat comes marrow; out of marrow comes semen. Semen is the last embodiment. It is the quintessence of embodiments. Similarly as sugar invades sugar-stick and margarine swarms milk, so additionally semen plagues the entire body. It exists in an unpretentious structure all through the body. It is pulled back and expounded in a gross structure in the sexual organs affected by the sexual will and sexual fervor. 


At the point when a man is energized by enthusiasm, the Prana is gotten under way. The fundamental air or Prana moves the inward sap or semen. The semen is put into movement. It falls downwards, similarly as the mists burst into the downpour water; similarly as the organic products, blossoms, and leaves of the tree drop somewhere near the power of the blowing winds. Note cautiously the underhandedness eventual outcomes, when the Veerya is lost. Prana gets shaky. It gets upset.. The body and mind won't work vigorously. There is physical and mental torpidity. Fatigue and shortcoming are experienced. You need to take response to drain , products of the soil articles to make great the loss of vitality. Keep in mind, these articles can never, never fix misfortune. Terrible memory, untimely seniority, weakness, different sorts of eye infections and apprehensive sicknesses are inferable from the substantial loss of this fundamental liquid. The individuals who have lost quite a bit of their semen become effectively disturbed. They lose their parity of psyche rapidly. Easily overlooked details upset them. The individuals who have not watched the pledge of chastity become captives of indignation, sluggishness and dread. In the event that you don't have your faculties leveled out, you dare to do silly activities which even kids won't set out to do. Man, with his flaunted astuteness, needs to take in exercises from flying creatures and creatures. Indeed, even creatures have more poise than men. It is just the purported man who has corrupted himself much by guilty pleasure. At the warmth of sexual fervor, he rehashes the equivalent shameful act and once more. He has not a touch of discretion. He is an outright slave to enthusiasm. He is a manikin in the hands of energy. Like rabbits he reproduces and delivers endless kids to swell up the quantity of hobos on the planet. Lions, elephants, bulls and other incredible creatures have preferable restraint over men. Lions live together just once in a year. After origination, the female creatures will never enable the male creature to approach them till the youthful ones are weaned and they themselves become sound and solid. Man just damages the laws of nature and thusly experiences incalculable illnesses. He has deteriorated to a dimension far lower than that of creatures in this regard. Guilty pleasure in the sexual demonstration is depleting to the female framework and a channel upon their imperativeness as on account of man. The apprehensive strain it forces is extremely incredible for sure. The female framework, being progressively sensitive and nervous, is frequently more influenced than that of the male. 

Requirement FOR CELIBACY 

What do we see nowadays? Young men and young ladies, people are suffocated in the sea of debased contemplations, indecent wants and minimal exotic delights. It is profoundly despicable in reality. It is stunning to hear a portion of the narratives of young men. Numerous school young men have come to me and by and by portrayed their pitiable lives. Their capacity of segregation has been lost attributable to sexual fervor and vulgar inebriation. For what reason do you lose the vitality that has taken numerous many months to pick up for a little, fleeting sexy delight? In times past, young men of the Gurukula (antiquated instructive arrangement of India) were sound and solid. Today there is no genuine moral culture in current schools and universities. The present arrangement of training needs an extraordinary and radical change. Present day human progress has enfeebled our young men and young ladies. They lead a counterfeit life. Kids bring forth kids. There is racial degeneration. It is difficult to be solid and sound except if guys and females, young men and young ladies, attempt their dimension best to keep up Brahmacharya or the pledge of chastity. Unadulterated air, unadulterated water, healthy sustenance, physical exercise, open air amusements like tennis - all add to the upkeep of good wellbeing, quality and an exclusive requirement of energy and essentialness. There are, in reality, numerous approaches to pick up wellbeing and quality. These ways are, without a doubt, essential imperative. Be that as it may, abstinence is the most vital of all. It is the main explicit that keeps up obvious masculinity.

The act of chastity isn't gone to with any threat or malady, or unwanted outcomes, for example, the different sorts of 'complex' wrongly credited by the Western analysts. They have no viable information of the subject close by. They have a wrong and not well established creative ability that the ungratified sex-vitality accept the different types of 'complex, for example, contact fear. The complex is because of some different causes. It is a grim perspective because of unreasonable desire, contempt, outrage, stress, and despondency realized by different causes. Despite what might be expected, even a tad bit of patience or a little routine with regards to self control is a perfect 'lift me-up'. It gives inward quality and significant serenity. It stimulates the psyche and nerves. It preserves physical and mental vitality. It expands memory, will power, and intellectual prowess. It gives gigantic quality, energy, and imperativeness. It redesigns the framework or constitution, modifies the cells and tissues, stimulates assimilation, and offers capacity to confront the troubles in the day by day clash of life. One who has ideal authority over sexual vitality achieves control ridiculous by another methods. In the event that a man drives an actual existence of abstinence even in his householder's life and has sex periodically for descendants no one but, he can deliver solid, wise, solid, lovely, benevolent youngsters. The religious zealots and friends in need of old India, when hitched, used to pursue this amazing principle in all respects cautiously for this reason, and furthermore used to educate by model and practice how to lead an actual existence of a Brahmachari even as a householder. It merits rehashing that a genuine chaste has enormous vitality, an unmistakable cerebrum, immense self discipline, intense understanding, retentive memory and great Vichara Sakti (intensity of enquiry). Swami Dayananda ceased the carriage of a Maharaja (extraordinary ruler). He broke the sword with his hands. This was because of his capacity of abstinence. All the otherworldly pioneers have been genuine celibates. Jesus, Sankara, Jnana Deva and Samarth Ramdas were all celibates. THE IMPORTANCE OF RIGHT Diet has a noticeable impact in keeping up abstinence. There are diverse compartments in the mind and every nourishment creates its very own impact on every compartment and of the general framework. A sugary treat of sparrow produces love potion impact. It legitimately animates the regenerative organs. Garlic, onions, meat, fish, and eggs invigorate energy. Give legitimate regard for nourishment. Have control in eating routine. Take Sattvic (unadulterated) nourishment, for example, milk, organic products, and wheat. Periodic fasting checks enthusiasm, quiets the feelings, controls the Indriyas (faculties), and aides in the act of abstinence. 


Individuals discuss chastity; however handy men are uncommon, in reality. A real existence of self control is truly plagued with troubles. It is anything but difficult to tame a tiger or a lion or an elephant. It is anything but difficult to play with a cobra. It is anything but difficult to stroll over the flame. It is anything but difficult to evacuate the Himalayas. It is anything but difficult to get triumph in the front line. In any case, it is hard to destroy desire. You need not lose hope even a bit, be that as it may. Have confidence in God, in His Name and in His elegance. You will undoubtedly succeed in the event that you have confidence in Him. Simple human exertion alone won't get the job done. The perfect effortlessness is required. Desire can't be totally evacuated from the psyche with the exception of by the finesse of the Lord. God enables the individuals who to support themselves. Absence of profound Sadhana is the fundamental driver for every sexual fascination. Insignificant hypothetical abstention from erotic nature won't bring you great outcomes. You should savagely remove all customs in public activity and have a devout existence. Mercy to inside lower inclinations will arrive you in the area of torment. Reason won't be useful in this regard. You should be earnest in your motivation for the brilliant existence of otherworldliness. Lack of resolution will abandon you in your old condition of wretchedness. 

Step by step instructions to GET ESTABLISHED IN CELIBACY 

Try not to think about the contrary sex. Try not to take a gander at the contrary sex. Taking a gander at the contrary sex will make want to converse with them. Talking will make a craving to contact them. In the long run you will have a tainted personality and will fall an unfortunate casualty. In this manner never take a gander at the contrary sex. Never talk personally with them. Try not to be acquainted with them. The look must be flawlessly pure and unadulterated. Ruler Jesus says: "On the off chance that you have a lascivious look, you have effectively dedicated infidelity in the heart." Lustful look, obscene reasoning, wet-dreams are for the most part disappointments or breaks in chastity. Be pure in your look. Be pure in your discussion. See mother in all ladies. Develop heavenly, divine contemplations. Rehash the Lord's Name and contemplate routinely. You will be built up in chastity. There are four procedures in the act of abstinence. First control the sex-motivation and sex-Vasana (sex-want). At that point practice protection of sex-vitality. Shut out all gaps through which vitality spills. At that point redirect the preserved vitality into appropriate otherworldly channels through Japa, Kirtan, sacrificial administration, Pranayama (routine with regards to breath-control), examine, watchfulness, self-investigation, reflection and Vichara. At that point have change or sublimation of the sex-vitality. Give it a chance to be changed over into Ojas (profound vitality) or Brahma-tejas (otherworldly corona) through consistent reflection or Brahma-Chintana (recognition of God). As indicated by Yogic science, semen exists in an unpretentious structure all through the entire body. It is found in an inconspicuous state in every one of the cells of the body. It is pulled back and expounded into a gross structure in the sexual organ affected by the sexual will and sexual energy. An Oordhvareta Yogi (one who has hidden away the original vitality in the cerebrum in the wake of sublimating the equivalent into otherworldly vitality) changes over the semen into Ojas, yet checks through his Yogic power, through immaculateness in thought, word and deed, the very development of semen by the secretory cells or testicles or seeds. This is an incredible mystery. Allopaths trust that even in an Oordhvareta Yogi, the arrangement of semen goes on perpetually and that the liquid is reabsorbed into the blood. This is a mix-up. They don't comprehend the internal Yogic insider facts and secrets. They are uninformed. Their Drishti or vision is worried about the gross things of the universe. The Yogi enters into the inconspicuous concealed nature of things through Yogic Chaksu or the internal vision of shrewdness. The Yogi deals with the astral idea of semen and in this manner forestalls the arrangement of the extremely liquid itself. 


You should be extremely cautious about response. The faculties that are put under restriction for certain months, or for a couple of years, become insubordinate on the off chance that you are not constantly cautious and cautious. They revolt and drag you out when openings emerge. A few people, who watch abstinence for a couple of years, become increasingly enthusiastic and squander the vitality impressively at last. A few people become hopeless, moral wrecks too. You should not work under the dream that you have annihilated desire totally by changing the eating regimen a bit, by rehearsing Pranayama, and by completing a little Japa, and that you don't have anything more to do. Allurement may defeat you at any minute. Unceasing carefulness and thorough Sadhana are fundamental. You might most likely stop sex for a considerable length of time and years, however there ought not be any sexual needing or fascination for the contrary sex. The condition of mental chastity must be kept up even in the midst of allurements and ailment. At that point just you are sheltered. The faculties start to revolt amid times of sickness and furthermore when you interact with sense-objects. You can't accomplish ideal abstinence by constrained exertion. Similarly as an assault rifle is important to murder a ground-breaking foe, so additionally, steady, thorough and incredible Sadhana is important to obliterate this ground-breaking adversary, desire. You should not be puffed up proudly for your little accomplishment in chastity. In the event that you are put to test, you will pitifully fall flat. You should be ever aware of your inadequacies and you should continually endeavor to dispose of them. The most astounding exertion is fundamental. At that point you will have enthusiastic achievement toward this path.

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