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  Samabeta Upasana - Preface
BABAMANI Sri Sri Swarupananda Paramhansa Deva
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EPISTLES of Swami Swarupananda Paramhansa Deva in Bengali – transcreated

Calcutta Tuesday,25.10.1932

The other day I told you to come and see me. You also consented. I waited for you for a long time. You could not meet with me, the reason therefor is not known to me.
                                     Although you did not see me, I shall continue to maintain contact with you through letters. The message I wish to convey to you, I must certainly do that. Because, my mission is to sow seed of character-building in the minds of youngsters like you. The adolescents and the youth of the country must be dragged out of the mire of unchastity. My mission of life is to make them pure of heart, benevolent in deed and upright in thinking. To fulfill that mission, I have forsaken the lures of family life and eschewed every means of earning pelf and power of worldly life and have donned the garb of an itinerant frequenting village after village. To realise my cherished goal, I have been guiding all my activities towards that end. To protect you, oh, the simple, beautiful and spotless adolescents from the life destructive unholiness and bring you back from the most sinful wrong doings and also help you in your arduous endeavor to become a genuine human being, I am harnessing all my efforts. Making of man is my only aim.
                                          On the path of character-building and on the way of becoming a man you are to know many many things. There are many and various subjects which are essential for you to know, if you do not know these, in near future you will make such a serious mistake, rectification of which will be extremely difficult. There is no one, no well-wisher who will impart you the required lessons. If you can believe me, then I want to let you know that knowledge; at the first dawn of your adolescence I want to make you aware about the thousands of crucial dangers; I want to caution you, I want to pinpoint the enemies which are barring you on the path of progress and I want to teach you about the perfect art of self-defence.
                                  Let God bless you. Please preserve carefully and go through attentively the letters written by me. You will find these letters useful in future.


Calcuta Sat, 29.10.1932

                     In my earlier letter, I wrote to you to go through my letters attentively and also preserve those with care. You might not have understood, why this request. I shall tell you frankly the reason for the same. For laying foundation of life you are to know the essentials, but I have to state that none of your friend, nor any teacher, not even your guardian will tell you anything in this respect. Such is the misfortune. And, perchance, if ever, you happen to meet with a well-meaning friend then in ninety-nine cases out of hundred, will not be able to tell you properly by taming his mind with holiness and purity. The outcome thereof may cause you harm instead of doing good.
                            Guided by goodwishes for you and with purified heart I want to tell you these relevant subjects and further I want you to listen to those with serenity of mind and clean heart and simplicity like that of a progeny of a sage; accept those for practising in your own life. Be resolute to become a genuine man.
                               When a most beneficent message is treated with disrespect, surely the said message will have no effect on you but when an apparently trivial message is taken seriously, that may serve as a beacon light in your life. I want you to be respectful to what I am going to say in your own interest. Please listen to with devotion. I wish you not to trifle with those great sayings but accept them in right earnest and with vigour of mind.
                             I have the right to tell you whatever is needed for your good and I must tell that, come what may. In your adolescence you are required to know the essentials. Without knowing the motive of your adversary how would you hold the field and march forward. I want to train you up in the process of life’s struggle. Those who are wayward amongst your friends, will pooh-pooh your apprehension and say, stop such nonsense, don’t bother for the unreal when the devils actually appear better we settle scores then; now live in the present. Listen, these desperadoes are not sure of life’s goal and when the lurking fear materialises, as it must, unpreparedness takes its toll and scalding tears become their life-long companion. Had they listened to the sayings of the wise to be away from sin and untruth they would not have fallen into the pit of mental torture.
                          I want to secure your future by temperamental training and find herewith, my boy, the jar full of ambrosia!
End of Epistle two.

Bhagyakul, Dhaka Mon, 31.10.32

                               I am writing this letter primarily to make all your energy ready to combat a particular kind of bodily sin. I know you are not prone to committing sin nor have I any doubt about your chastity. You are simple hearted, impeccable and peerless of character. But, there are certain evils in this world and while associating with them people do not understand whether they are committing sin. If, per chance, you tell a lie, sense of guilt overtakes you. Even, in the absence of any caution against telling a lie, you feel the pinprick then and there when you lie.
                   You might have often observed that children do not lie ; No inducement would make them tell lie. Still, there are certain kinds of wrong doings in the world which the boys do not suspect them to be wrong. They can not even dream of, while indulging in profligacy and deriving immoral pleasures therefrom at the behest of the bad company they keep, that such acts are offences of the worst type; did they know, they would have shied away from committing such acts which smack of immorality.
                            The boys becoming victims of these moral offences cannot even think that these are sin. Through my correspondences, I want you to be cautioned against such moral depravity. Through sheer ignorance thousand and thousands of boys and adolescents are embracing immoralities with endearment. In course of time when they realise that depravity is sin and feel its import, they find it extremely difficult to uproot the evil which has already been firmly established in them. This is why, before the evil fixes the root in you, if some-one, tenders cautionary advices with love and care, then you can safely come to the conclusion that he has saved you from taking disastrous steps toward downfall. Dear, my belief is such. Thus, knowing fully well that you are as chaste as a flower, pure and untouched I want to caution you against a particular bodily sin. My heartfelt desire is to facilitate your steady and bold forward journey in life, keeping out of bounds that dreaded obstacle. I shall make you what is that.
                       I have already said, the avowed sin I wish to caution against, is bodily. Any of the parts of the body if not used legitimately and used illegitimately, that is sin, committed against the body. God has created my two hands to perform good works, but if I go the wrong way and engage my hands wrongly, say, committing suicide that would be a sin against the hands. Nose is for smelling, if in case, it is used for pushing a foot-ball, then it is sin committed against the nose. Man has an organ for urinating and if this is pressed into serving otherwise, that is sin against it. This organ is variously called, as other parts of the body, say head, hand etc. For the sake of convenience let us call it genital or genitals. I do not believe that you have been given away to genitals and that you are using the same illegitimately. So that you do not commit any sin against the genitals at the prodding of a bad company, I am making all out efforts. Hope you do not mind for this letter of mine, because whatever exposition I am putting forth is aimed for your well-being.
                       Let the Almighty bless you.


Jagannathpatti, Dhaka Tue, 1st Nov,1932

                           In the very same foregoing letter, I hinted to some extent about the bodily sin against which I want you to be wakeful for all the times and that sin pertains to genitals and its misuse. The part of the body meant for urinating falling prey to intemperance gives rise to sin. Nowadays, hundreds of school-going boys have developed addiction towards commission of such sin and doing immense harm to both mind and body. Yet, when first introduced to such a mischief, boys hardly felt that the habit is contemptible and extremely ugly. A boy immaculate in body and mind suddenly feels the itch at the genitals leading to the initiation in the ugly act. Any one, while climbing a tree or riding a horse, get rubbed in the genitals resulting in delightful sensation thus the evil rears its head to smite his life. This is how; a very paltry incident spoils the lives of innumerable boys.
                      Each and every honest person should see that not a single innocent boy becomes a prey to this contemptible habit. Not only this, every honest person must ensure that no adolescent, because of ignorance, comes to terms with such a bodily sin. Suppression cannot be a cure for a scornful malady. The patient should also not hide away from the doctor nor the doctor on his part should sneer at the patient. However repulsive the disease might be, the doctor should not fail to treat the patient. It is found, sometime, that prevention is better than cure. One should remain alert and see that the disease is kept at bay. In case this does not become possible, the ailment should be treated at the primary stage so as to come round with least effort. Now, if I do not tell you in a straightforward manner about the genitals, you will maltreat the same unknowingly and by degrees become a slave to the bad habit, which might by then found to be intractable. So, it has become necessary on my part, to tell you the truth, as a measure of caution. I know the minds of the thousands of boys spreading over different parts of India. Through the service, I have been rendering to them I have come to the conclusion that advices tendered at an early stage help mould one’s life favourably, otherwise, once the scourge gets entrenched no amount of advice will be of any avail. The saying goes, lock the stable after the horse is stolen. Right advice at the right moment helps a lot. After the thieves decamp with the valuables, no amount of security arrangement will help. I have come into contact with many boys and youths who have degraded themselves into immorality. Their only repentance was that they did not get timely guidance to drive out the scourge of immorality from their lives. It is, however, true that some of these disheartened boys, after determined efforts, regained their lost glory, and established themselves as divine beings. But, this also should not be lost sight of the fact that they had to cope with a relentless struggle to tide over all the blemishes of character by vanquishing the demon and it was not simply a cake-walk. And, it is a stark fact that counseling should be made available to one before he steps into the dark-corridor of characterlessness.
                     In the lives of many, fancy has a field-day. A capricious sadhu used to initiate whoever comes into his vicinity, be it horse, ass or a dog. . I have also got a whim to tender advice about the proper use of genitals to boys. When I was thirteen or fourteen, I observed that boys receiving such advices were immensely benefited than those who were out of bounds of such an opportunity. Boys, here, I am, with this Mantra, badly needed by you. And when you grow up please do not fail to give good advices to the youngsters.
                       Now, I bid adieu. In the letters to follow I will let you know many many things of the body considered recondite. God bless ….


Majhpara, Dhaka Friday, 4th Nov, 1932

                                    Today, I shall tell you about the astonishing happening in your body.
                                      The part of the body, always under wrap and privy to you, has a pouch like formation known as scrotum. The pouch or the bag contains the testicles like pigeon’s egg in south and left position. The testicles as a whole are called “egg”, the store-house for blood’s haematin or the essence known as SUKRA. You feel ashamed to bare the scrotum.
                                  The SUKRA or VIRYYA or the vital body-fluid which is an all-important thing in one’s body can be dissipated at will, thus weakening the body and dispiriting the mind. When the genital is manipulated unnecessarily and detestably, a fluid white in colour and semi liquid in substance, goes out. And this is VIRYYA, motivator of brain, intelligence, strength, inspiration, sternness and health. Preservation of this vital fluid is BRAHMACHARYA or continence and its dissipation is incontinence. So that the idea of developing the bad habit of dissipation of the body’s vital fluid which is most valued and soul-giving, does never take root in you, I am writing all these letters with a view to cautioning you.
                              In your character I want to develop such a force so that you can kick out all temptations born of deception and can establish yourself in this world as one of the real heroes. I want to save you from the lure of the suicidal transitory pleasure.
                            Why suicide? Because the vital body-fluid is be all and end all of all the living beings. Hence, spoiling this matter is synonymous with suicide. But alas, many boys take resort to this frightful habit. They contract this from people of doubtful integrity. Therefore, associating with characterless men is dangerous. From the moment you become close to an unholy character, the latter will make every effort to drag you down to his level. Your acquaintances whom you consider very intimate and if they happen to be of bad nature, chances of harm from them are great. By dissipation of the vital-fluid at will causes unimaginable damage to the country.
                         Body’s growth, liveliness and nourishment depend on this vital fluid and therefore, if the same is wantonly wasted, then how will the body grow and be nourished. In case, there is such nefarious addiction then how would the body be in bloom, displaying, freshness, liveliness and beauty?
                       If one feels that this ugly habit ceases to hold sway after stunting the growth and nourishment of the body then he is mistaken; it completely destroys the existing growth and nourishment of the body. One who has become slave to this ugly habit, his stamina starts diminishing and he never regains his former self. His muscles lose strength and become weaker with the passing of each day.                                             Sprightliness, initiative, capacity to work and diligence start vanishing by degrees. Formerly he hardly felt tiredness in performing a job, nowadays weariness overtakes him even when he performs less arduous job. The distance he used to cover by swimming earlier, now even a shorter distance makes him weary. No longer can he cover the distance running, he used to do at ease before. His capacity to withstand cold has gone and now even mild cold makes him shiver. Thus only one bad habit makes him worthless and unwanted in the society.
                       Not only this, the contemptible habit brings about other losses. Body’s capacity to function and of perception depend upon the nervous-system. The soundness of this system is affected adversely by this ugly habit. The hand that we stretch forward and pull back at will is the result of the efficacy of this nervous system. Our perception of hot and cold depends upon the nerves. Dissipation of the vital fluid irritates this system to such an extent that it gets weak and this weakness makes the system sick. This sickness is not felt all on a sudden. Dissipation gives the body mild thrill but the effect on the fine and soft nerves is disastrous. Body’s mild sensation proves extremely harsh to the nerves.
                   The nerves of the brain after getting repeated beatings lose their sensitivity and get deranged. Weakness of the nervous system gives rise to various intractable diseases. I want you to keep off such an obnoxious habit and lead a holy life. This is my only wish.                        The above narration is not palatable, but please, don’t take this otherwise. God bless.



Dualli , Dhaka. Sunday, 6th Nov, 1932

                       Hope you have been receiving all my letters and going through these attentively. Are you relishing or feeling bored? If you are relishing that will be a matter for joy, otherwise, sorry to say, I have no other choice. The point I want to bring home to, I must persist in my endeavor; no adverse position can stop me.
                      My exposition in the earlier letters about the bad effect on the body by wanton dissipation of Viryya was clear. Mind, as well, is equally affected. Mind loses joy, steeps into moroseness, the happenings which formerly used to bring him cheers are no longer so. Nothing enthuse him; he is very much fidgety now. He can not decide what to do and what not to do. He does not know what to get and what to avoid. Peace eludes him. He is now utterly confused. He loses initiative. He does not understand which way to move. He becomes completely rudderless.
                       Profligacy like wanton and wilful wastage of Viryya once entrenched in one makes him thoroughly worthless. He no longer controls his mind. He becomes a maverick. Essential duties are left undone or haphazardly done.
                        He has become a prey to lowly activities. He has lost his earlier nimbleness. He is now an addict. He used to perform harder tasks before now he is indolent. He now shuns duties. He finds escapism handy.
                         The ignominious habit takes its toll on the memory; a pall of haziness descends to make the position worse. Formerly, memorising was an easy job, now to get by heart anything is very difficult.
                         I find boys who were meritorious once and used to stand first or second, now go down the ladder of merit quickly and start getting plucked in the examinations. Such is the baneful effect of the sinful wastage of the Viryya. Now sans brain, sans intelligence, sans progression, hope for moving forward is lost.
                          Everybody is endowed with this vital fluid or Viryya. Who takes care of this comes out victorious from all the ordeals of life. Such one is adored by all and on the otherhand, who does the opposite, is fizzled out. Lure of transitory and sinful pleasure devastates one’s life.
                       My son, are you not ambitious and desirous of being adored by all. Do you not want to come out victorious in life full of struggle and turmoil. If your answer is in the positive then kick off all despicable activities.
                            Have you no such determination? My confidence on you is that you will definitely come out successful. What is required is iron will. You must be cautious against all such baneful activities for the sake of bliss, purity and immaculateness. Let the Almighty bless you.



On the way to Chandpur (On Steemer)
Tue, 8th Nov, 1932

                         Dissipation of the Viryya has a pleasant feeling, however, short-lived this might be. Those who are not aware of the resultant bad effect run after this transitory pleasure like fools and they brings upon themselves extreme harm. The price they pay for such short-lived pleasure is immense and heart-throbbing.
                              One who is a die-hard in such nefarious game of shedding the vital-fluid loses simplicity and no longer he continues to be an outspoken man and he gets isolated from the society. He no longer believes anybody nor respects anyone and tragically he can not have any exalted feeling that there are people who have respect for him.
                                 There is another bad effect and a very serious one. After sometime the ignominious habit goads him to obscenity, both in thought and deed. Formerly, the object which did never arose any ill or obscene thought, now at the sight of such an object his mind is filled with carnality. When a long standing companionship was a source of joy, now the same companionship drags him down to lowly level of beastly pleasure, like that of a swine enjoys filth. An addict runs after an obscene scene. An obscene portrait, a pornographic story, is more valuable than gold, diamond even an empire; more palatable than delectable dishes.
                                The thought which does not recognise the glory of humanity, the thought which makes beast out of a man becomes most endearing.
                           The firmament of the addict’s mind is full of pornographic obscurity akin to poisonous vapour. He can not come out from that dissolute atmosphere. He utters slang without any pinprick in the conscience. His deeds also become vicious. Wrong doings become his forte. A godly person turns out to be a demon by the addiction to the dissipating of the body’s vital fluid. He is inundated by the deluge of sin.
                                     The capacity to discern bad from good vanished like anything. What is just and what is unjust become indiscernible. Equilibrium of sense is disturbed. Formerly he was self-conscious now he does not find fault in anything which brings disrepute to himself. Earlier he used to speak the truth; now lying is no longer a reprehensible act. The said addiction weakens his moral strength. He now wallows in foul thoughts without any remorse.
                                   Now, tell, what would be the fate of such a man? Can he now perform manly duties? He has sold his soul to the transitory pleasure; will he be every happy and peaceful.
                        I want to see you free from this evil atmosphere. God bless.


Chandpur, Kumilla Wed, 9th Nov, 1932

                        I have been writing to you almost every alternate day. You might have been wondering! Whenever I follow one, I follow like a tiger and do not let him go until I, literally speaking, kill him. The bad habit of shedding the vital fluid i.e. Viryya, is the deadliest enemy of the performer. I want to engrave this truth in your mind’s slab.
                There is another side effect; the addict’s will power goes berserk. You can very well now understand, however might be your wish to scare the evil will not let you go i.e. your weak mental power yields to the evil which has already been entrenched in your life.
                       The wish of many boys is, only once or twice, the shedding of Viryya will be tried on experimental basis, thereafter, the door will be closed on its very face. Alas, it is found, such a pious wish has no sanctity because the temporariness becomes a routine affair. The addict becomes a slave to this depravity; his determination becomes so pliable that it comes to nought. The addiction becomes all powerful and overbearing. The addiction gains momentum with every passing day; nothing can resist its forward march.
                  The addict then is a mere plaything in the hands of the contemptible habit. He does whatever the addiction wants him to do. Eventually he becomes indiscreet. However might the addict try to get rid of the clutch of his addiction, he falters every time and goes on to perform the hellish job.
                      You might think that I am going beyond limit, but my boy, in fact, I am telling much less compared to the real happening. If the confessionary statements of the thousands and thousands of boys, who have been caught in the tangled meshes of viciousness, reveal half the truth then I must go on to proclaim please stop such suicidal act of shedding Viryya. Hundreds of boys being snared by this heinous act were spoilt and their tears of remorse to regain their former immaculate life will evoke sincerest sympathy of all. If their tale of woe is true to the extent of ten percent, then, I should say, no sin is as hideous as that of dissipation of Viryya. Tears of innumerable hearts are welling up in me. I can not bare my feelings to others, perhaps it is also not proper to-do so. If you have any faith in me then I shall cry aloud and say, the act of dissipation of Viryya is the greatest enemy and obstacle in one’s life.
                        What I had to say, on the whole, I have said without concealing anything. You are now wiser. In clear language I have told you about the unacceptable and the undoable things in life. You will now be able to recognise the thorns of life. Now, my only wish is that, you will do utmost to abide by the precepts you have thus received. The cautionary messages now made known to you must be given due seriousness to protect yourself. You must keep off yourself from the danger-signal now highlighted. Do not mimic the wicked who being a fool himself wants to befool others. Don’t be a wretch by following one who has gone to wreck and ruin. Shun bad company with contempt for such a person will offer you poison in the name of honey. Kick out the feigned friend, who is more dangerous than a murderer who comes unmasked. A temperate and honest one is a real friend, take his help to ward off evils. A friend is he whose character is pristine, heart full of compassion and determination. Remain with such a friend in weal and woe. You should be above-board and above-temptation. Let courage and honesty be your guide. Don’t follow one who tells you to try once the misdeed of shedding Viryya.
                             Not only you should save yourself, you must save others also even with the help of your well-meaning friends. You can also allow others to go through my letters so as to reform them. Self- elevation and to help elevate others should be your motto.
                       You should not only worry for yourself
                       You should also be worried for others.  
                       We shall live and let others live not only
                       By self-help but also by collective help.
            I could have spent my life in the Himalayas meditating. The motto that we should help each other has brought me in your midst. I prostrate to the Lord who is ineffable and all-powerful.



Rendering into English Sri Sri Swami Swarupananda Paramhansa Deva’s letters contained in the 10th edition of the book, (জীবনের প্রথম প্রভাত ) Jibaner Pratham Prabhat (Life’s first dawn) proved forbidding because of the effusive language in which the epistles are couched. However, while the translator lays no claim to erudition, the job has been done by him to the extent of his ability and this is his labour of love. Finally, the translator seeks divine grace of Swamijee.


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Comment posted by Tapan Kumar Mukherjee( minikutigmail.com ), 03/09/2020 at 11:59pm (UTC):
Respected Narayan Chandra Nandi is no more with us. He was working with my father and died bachelor . When I requested to do this translation work, he shows his eagarness and the result is here by the grace of gurudev. He is not our gurubhai.

Comment posted by Satyajit Roy( src_joyyahoo.com ), 12/31/2011 at 6:55am (UTC):
Great work Tapanda. Please tender our best compliment to our Guru bhai Sri Narayanda for his great effort and hard work to translate the book of our Great Guru deva. I wish to Almighty and Gurudeva for a long life of both of you. JOY GURU

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